• Relieves muscle pain and superficial joint pain
  • Reduces nerve pain
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves relaxation

Types of Topicals:

  • Balm or Salve – heavier, thicker texture great for more focused area
  • Cream – Lighter texture for application on larger area
  • Spray – Cooling action great for large or smaller area
  • Patch – Full body absorption, easy and convenient application
    • Patch can be cut to desired potency
  • Lotion – General skin health and support and helpful to preserve elasticity of the skin
  • Lip Balm – General lip health and skin support
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Tinctures: One of the most absorbable forms of CBD Easy to dose Convenient way to titrate up to your optimal dose Great way to get CBD on board for a full-body benefit 

Product Options:

  • Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum
    • Includes all the cannabinoids found in hemp (CBD, CBC, CBG, etc) along with all enzymes and cofactors from the plant
    • Larger therapeutic dosing window
    • May cause drowsiness in more sensitive patients
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  • CBD Isolate
    • CBD only, no other cannabinoids or constituents of the hemp plant
    • More tolerable in higher doses (less sedating)
  • CBD Isolate with Terpenes
    • Terpenes are a large group of organic compounds that are aromatic, influence cannabinoid expression, and have great influence on our moods and behaviors
    • Terpenes have distinctive flavors like citrus, mint, pine and pepper, and each terpene has its own unique effect like relaxation or focus
    • A combination of terpenes and cannabinoids creates an entourage effect, which amplifies the overall effect of the product
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  • Great alternative to liquid tincture
  • Easy, convenient, consistent dosing
  • Absorbable if there are no GI issues

Products Available:

  • High potency capsules
  • Low potency capsules
  • High potency gel caps
  • Low potency gel caps

Ideal for:

  • Chronic, long-term users
  • Adding to your current medication routine
  • Those with food allergies or sensitive stomachs
  • Patients who need high-doses
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